Family Stories: Middle (Part Two) AUD 50.00d

The second online workshop in the series is Middle.

In this 2 hour 15 minute workshop (including a 15 minute break) we’ll begin to work on a simple life story interview.

You’ll learn how to plan and organise the interview, find the right subject or interviewee, learn to ask good questions and discover how to connect with your subjects so they’ll feel at ease and in return, give you good stories! People tell me these research techniques are valuable beyond family stories.  I’ll share tools for creating a wide-ranging life story interview and answer your questions. After this workshop you’ll be able to conduct your own life story interviews and I’ll share other resources so you can continue to hone your skills.



Please take care of your mental health. Some family stories can be upsetting and cause us to feel sad or upset. The Family Stories Project Workshops are not in any way intended as therapy. While every care is taken to be supportive please indicate if you are feeling upset or unwell during.

The closing date for this workshop is 23 May
Zoom links will be emailed on 30 May and a reminder sent on 4 June
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds after 10 May 2024