Jane Hutcheon is a Sydney-based interviewer and writer. She’s a former international correspondent and creator of ABC-TV’s One Plus One, a weekly show where she interviewed notable people about life, identity and motivation. After 500 interviews in nine years, Jane left the show and the ABC in September 2019 to develop her own projects.

She combines her love of travel, history and food journalism to design and lead tours in partnership with Renaissance Tours and the Art Gallery of NSW.

She’s the author of several non-fiction books, an accredited coach and a keynote speaker.


The Beijing Bureau


NEVER BEFORE has China dominated headlines across the world as it does today. Through coercive trade bans, its Belt and Road Initiative, Wolf Warrior diplomacy, military manoeuvres and its control of the diaspora, China is flexing its international muscle. At home in China, the Communist Party is tightening its grip and driving patriotic fervour…more

From Rice to Riches


Jane Hutcheon’s connection to China goes back more than one hundred and fifty years, when her great-great-grand-uncle Phineas, a Scottish tea merchant, was drawn to its shores… more