Jane Hutcheon



Jane is the host of One Plus One on ABC-TV, a weekly long-form chat show where she interviews celebrities, musicians, actors, authors, and people with from all walks of life about their journies and the events which have motivated them. She is the author of two non-fiction books, and is a former international television correspondent where she travelled the world for a decade.  From 2018, Jane will use her vast international experience bringing her storytelling to travellers.  She's delighted to be leading two international tours a year for Renaissance Tours, 

Here's a recent article about her work on One Plus One.

Hutcheon's urbane, understated control is masterly.

The Sydney Morning Herald, May 2014.

She is as good as Michael Parkinson at his best.

Letter of the Week, The Green Guide, The Age, March 2014.

This is how author Maxine Beneba Clarke describes Jane's interviewing skills:

There's a gentle artistry to Hutcheon's interview invisibility, far more evident in person that through the screen...the way her carefully unjudging eyes rarely leave your face...

The Saturday Paper, February 2017

Jane was born in Hong Kong where she attended Glenealy Junior School and Island School.  Both her parents were journalists.  She has two brothers, one of whom, Stephen, is a former Fairfax journalist who also works at the ABC.  In a handly coincidence, her other brother, Andrew, is a lawyer.  

Jane speaks basic Mandarin and Cantonese.  She has reported for ABC TV News and the award-winning Foreign Correspondent program from 1995 - 2008.

Jane is the author of two non-fiction books: China Baby Love, about a Queensland teacher Linda McCarthy Shum who works in a Chinese orphanage (ABC Books, April 2017).  From Rice to Riches, was published in 2003 by Pan MacMillan and as an e-book in 2014. You can read of review here.