Jane Hutcheon


31 Dec

Adieu 2014 Personal Life

Jane Hutcheon

I took a good look around this morning, so I could remember and savour 2014 in all its mess and glory.

A sulphur-crested cockatoo lands on a signpost, gazing out to the ocean off Coogee as if to admire the vista.  

There was quite a breeze, so gripping the sign was clearly quite a challenge and her torso was vigorously buffeted by the wind.

I love the audacity of the images. 

DANGER. DO NOT GO NEAR THE EDGE, the sign-post reads.  

Yet the cockatoo stood up to the wind, like a dog in the back of a car travelling down a twisty road.

We are frequently told not to go near the edge.  We are so very often reminded of imminent danger.  

But moments of audacity can be extremely uplifting as we stare into the abyss of a new year, that will bring promise, despair and joy in different measures.

This is a good frame of mind with which to greet a new year.

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