My answer: What Motivates You to Get Out Of Bed in the Morning?

Thank you for the question: what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

I remember the moment when my career became more than the job I went to every day. The realisation came during my first overseas assignment to Beijing.

I stood in Tiananmen Square watching foreign correspondents from all over the world covering the Queen’s visit. It was like the UN of journalism with all the different languages and reporting styles.

One of the photographers took a photo of me during a moment of contemplation. Young Jane looked like she was in love :)

It was the moment I imagined myself making a difference through explaining the news; describing unfamiliar people and places, explaining humanity, translating the world, if you like.

Since then, I have rarely questioned my sense of purpose (I won’t say I’ve never questioned my purpose, but that’s for another day). Broadly speaking, I’ve always felt like I had a calling.

My other calling is my family. My family is my anchor. No question. I certainly get out of bed every morning for them.

Since leaving my job of twenty-five years, I’ve said that I want to ‘live deliberately’. For me, this is about doing work I’m passionate about doing work on my own terms or terms I’ve agreed to, doing work because it matters to me and doing work which helps people.

As I write this, the clocks have gone forward signifying the start of another summertime.

We’ve lost an hour.

Neil, do you also think of time at moments like this? When we gain the hour back, do you savour every one of the sixty minutes?

My bank of minutes remaining in life – minutes which once seemed inexhaustible – now feels like a vault. It’s not so much about whether I waste time but about making deliberate choices with what’s left in the vault.

This is what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning.

Neil, I wish you every success in using your time deliberately.

Kindest regards, Jane