Lost in Shanghai Premiere, January 2022

12-16 January 2022

The poster image came from a photo essay called ‘Home’ which I did at university. Throughout my life, my identity has intrigued and at times escaped me. Making Lost in Shanghai helped me tie together so many dangling threads.

A key image from the 75 minute show, Mum’s Eurasian family in Shanghai.

Performing has always been a dream. Telling stories is a passion. The Lost in Shanghai team brought these elements together during five months of development.

Dr Terumi Narushima wrote and performed the music. That’s my grandmother Elsie peering over Terumi’s shoulder.

The show took place at the height of Sydney’s Omicron wave. I was so grateful that people came! Photos by  Yael Stempler courtesy of Sydney Festival. Production by CAAP.