A Giant Conversation

A change of government

Anthony Albanese wins 2022 federal electionFriends,

In Australia, we’ve just had a giant conversation.

Our giant conversation informed us that politicians hadn’t been listening or their listening was selective. In particular, women didn’t feel heard. Or worse, women had been under-estimated. Belittled.

Today and in coming weeks, there will be breakout rooms across the country as the incoming government takes shape and we begin the process of coming together.

Last night, incoming prime-minister Anthony Albanese said:

“I want to find that common ground where together we can plant our dreams… I want to seek our common purpose and promote unity and not fear, optimism, not fear and division. And I can promise all Australians this: no matter how you voted (today), the government I lead will respect every one of you every day.”

Whatever colour you support, Australia’s giant conversation is an opportunity for every leader to re-evaluate and reset their conversation skills.

Let’s look for common ground and find compassion in conversations. Particularly conversations with our opponents and people we disagree with.

(Images – Anthony Albanese – Mike Bowers The Guardian, Scot Morrison – AP) first published on Linked In 22.05.22