Family Stories: Beginning (Part One) AUD 50.00d

The first online workshop in the series is Beginning.

I was inspired to create this after hearing too many people say that they always intended to record their loved one’s story but ran out of time. I’ve found that once we become family story keepers, like a habit, it grows. Then you manage to inspire someone else in your family and soon you want to document/record life-stories and scatter the proverbial seeds for future generations. Sometimes we collect stories, artefacts, ephemera (pamphlets etc) and don’t make time to complete projects. At other times the technology is too complex. Not on my watch. In this 2 hour 15 minute online workshop we’ll discuss how to pick achievable projects using the knowledge and info that we have¬†or can access easily. I’ll show you simple projects we can complete during the workshop and others you may want to think about after the workshop finishes.

I have a Welcome Pack of goodies and resources which you’ll receive in the post.

I’ll answer your questions and share thoughts on your works-in-progress.

This is a great beginning for all passionate family story-tellers.


Please take care of your mental health. Some family stories can be upsetting and cause us to feel sad or upset. The Family Stories Project Workshops are not in any way intended as therapy. While every care is taken to be supportive please indicate if you are feeling upset or unwell during.

The closing date for this workshop is 17 May 2024
Participants will receive a Welcome Pack in the mail which will be posted in the week of 20 May
Zoom links will be emailed on 23 May and a reminder sent on 28 May
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds after 10 May 2024