Family Stories The Package (Three Workshops) AUD 150.00 Includes free copy of Rebel Talkd

The complete package of three workshops: Beginning, Middle & End

In late May and early June 2024 join me for more than six hours (in three ‘sibling’ workshops) of fun and productivity as we delve into the world of family stories.

Beginning: 30 May 2024 – 5 pm – 7.15 pm AEST

In this 2 hour 15 minute online workshop we’ll discuss how to pick achievable projects using knowledge, images and information that we have or can access easily. I’ll show you simple projects we’ll complete during the workshop and help you plan other projects for the future.

You will receive a Welcome Pack of goodies and resources by post.

Middle: 6 June 2024 – 5 pm – 7.15 pm AEST

You’ll learn how to plan and organise a life story interview, find the right subject/interviewee, learn to ask good questions and discover how to connect with your subjects so they feel at ease and in return, give you good stories! After this workshop you’ll be able to conduct your own life story interviews. I’ll share additional resources so you can continue to hone your skills.

End: 20 June 2024 – 5 pm – 7.15 pm AEST

We will continue to work with the life story interviews you’ve created. You’ll learn about the value of transcripts, the potential to use AI and how to use your interviews to structure stories. I will also share a project I’ve been working on, a memorial booklet.