Jane Hutcheon


23 Jun

Sia music celebrity

Jane Hutcheon

It's rare we get to hear from Australian-born singer/songwriter Sia, so this interview with Howard Stern is quite revealing.  She doesn't like to be photographed because she fears losing her 'serenity real-estate'.  In other words, she doesn't want to be recognised everywhere she goes.

Her soon-to-be-released album is sure to do well after the single Chandelier went viral on You Tube.

She says in the interview, she was so attached to this song that she couldn't hand it over to Rihanna.

Unlike many artists, she is not contractually obliged to promote her records and she has enough money (and three homes) simply to make music for her fans.

And that, is true fortune.  She retains freedom of movement, freedom of expression and the control of her product. Lucky (and talented) Sia.

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