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01 Sep

What Delights You, Frustrates You, Motivates You About Interviewing? FAQ

Jane Hutcheon

What delights, frustrates and motivates you about interviewing?

When I first started One Plus One in July 2010, I wondered why people would want to subject themselves to some quite personal questions.  But you see, I really wanted to know the answers!  I found the more I challenged myself with braver questions, the more generous the guest’s response. 

I’ve said it before but it was veteran Channel Nine journalist Peter Harvey who I credit with first giving me ‘permission’ to ask deeper questions about his mortality.  Peter died of pancreatic cancer in 2013.  During our interview, he would finish a sentence, just before he finished a thought so that I would have to follow up with another question. 

I regard this as a gift he gave me. And since that time, I've been given it over and over again.

Some things that delight me about interviewing:

  • having my research challenged or improved
  • when the guest reveals a surprising nugget of information
  • unexpected emotion (me and/or the guest)
  • forgetting I am recording an interview in a TV studio

What frustrates me?

  • I can get tongue-tied.  I don’t have the gift of the gab.
  • After hundreds of interviews, I can’t predict what the audience will or won’t like
  • I’d like more (constructive) professional feedback
  • Many guests have had a poor start in life.  This saddens me.

What motivates me?

  • Discovering amazing people who have never been interviewed
  • Finding and sharing human vulnerability
  • Constanly learning about different pathways people use in their lives

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