Jane Hutcheon


25 Jun

Sia... Again music celebrity

Jane Hutcheon

...Well, she has just won the APRA Songwriting award :-))

Her interviews are always revealing.  If you can handle the banter, she talks about the songwriting process and how melody is more important than words.  

Here's an interview with Elvis Duran.

But the bit that I'm interested in - as you may already know - is her over-riding desire for privacy and how she can get away with being photographed with a bag over her head, or turning her back to the audience:

"I'm not willing to sacrifice my privacy..  It's possibly for anyone to create this kind of career if they think laterally... but people don't trust or have faith that they can get away with more than they think they can ...You really have to go whore yourself out or hyper- sexualise yourself... it's exhausting.  My friends who are pop-stars are exhausted."

Can we appreciate talent without slapping on the burden of extreme celebrity?

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