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26 Sep

Oscar Wilde celebrity One Plus One

Jane Hutcheon

If you studied Oscar Wilde at school or earlier in life, it's worth looking at his life again.

At school, I was taught about his sartorial flamboyance and incredibly quick-wit.  The language still holds up today.

A few days ago, I gave British character actor David Suchet a copy of a book about Oscar Wilde written by the writer's son Vyvyan Holland.  I do this during the interview because Mr Suchet will be playing Lady Bracknell in the London production of The Importance of Being Earnest next year.

How poorly was Wilde treated?  Even his wife changed the family name after his conviction.

I'm reflecting on Oscar Wilde this weekend reading Wilde's Last Stand.

The book I gave David Suchet is out of print, but is simply called Oscar Wilde by Vyvyan Holland.



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