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06 Sep

How Do You Choose Who to Interview? FAQ

Jane Hutcheon

How do you choose who to interview

This is the most frequently-asked FAQ.  The answer is ... our editorial team chooses the guests.

FB follower, Alec Valcanis, adds: "is it by availability or by invite?"

It's by invitation, Alec.  In a calender year we record approximately 45 interviews.  When we record depends on the guest's availability and my research schedule (I'll talk about research in a separate post).  The editorial team also decides the appropriate transmission dates. 

Here's where we find potential guests:

  • I see an advert on the back of a disappearing bus.
  • Through news and feature articles.
  • Recommendations from colleagues.
  • Recommendations from guests.
  • Schedules of upcoming shows, books, conferences, events, speeches, festivals.  
  • People write and offer themselves as interviewees. 
  • Viewers offer suggestions via FB, Twitter and email.
  • Professional publicists representing authors, performers, academics, lawyers, and scientists (as a sample) pitch people or ideas to us.

Does everyone you approach say 'yes'?

Occassionally it's a no.  We move on.

What do you base your decision on?

It boils down to two questions:

* Why is the audience likely to be interested in this person?

* Is the guest likely to deliver a fascinating, half-hour conversation on camera?  

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