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20 Sep

#cuppaoflife Live Drawing Life Media

Jane Hutcheon

Thanks to Nicola Howard AKA @Visual_lala for creating this video graphic of my interview with Funlocka's Luke Cook from #CuppaofLife Virtual Cafe from last week.  Nicola decribes her process for the live drawing of the live chat:

First I make sure I read through the bio and look at any websites of the speakers to see if a colour stands out. I usually start about 5-10 minutes before the interview begins. I draw the titles, the organisation the guest is supporting, then draw live during the interview. I try to only spend a few minutes afterwards to make sure I’m happy with my work then post so I can start my day job. I practice when I can to stay creative so Luke’s sessions are perfect start to the day.

Do you have a creative process you can share with me? #creatathon

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