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16 Aug

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Jane Hutcheon

I recently went to the 2018 Byron Writers Festival as a guest moderator.  I planned to use my downtime to write.  A children’s novel.  Very early stages.

The hotel had a resident dragon to keep us entertained and two of my favourite things for breakfast: sourdough bread and peanut butter.







But something in me shifted.  Maybe it was the magnificence of the lighthouse.  Or the encouraging warmth of the air.  Something was telling me NOT to shut myself in a room and tap away on a laptop.









It wasn’t the time to be a hermit.  I was meant to connect with other people and take in their wisdom.  This was no time to hide. 

Here are some of my Byron encounters:

Selina had the best job title of anyone: New Zealand Poet Laureate.  We talked about finding time to write.  She talked of gifts, or objects that tell us stories.  She left me with ideas and two recommendations:









I met another poet.  His name is Lemn Sissay and he took my breath away performing his razor-sharp poem Hanging On, to an audience under the marquee.  I like the way he pronounces the 'g' in the middle of 'hanging'.










Alas, I didn’t write my novel, but I met 97 year old Nina who’s a One Plus One fan… she told me that if there’s a stem of roses covered in thorns, she only ever sees the roses. ​I’m glad I listened to the universe. 

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